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How to increase the menu font size?


Monday 15th April 2024
Hello, The menu font size (i.e., those of the main menu and drop down menu) are too small on my laptop and to my eyesight at my age sadly. Is there a way to increase it? I tried decreasing the display resolution, increasing windows font size, etc, but none worked. Thank you, Bing
Tuesday 16th April 2024
That should be a similar case than in this thread: [GUI scaling issue on laptop with multi-monitor]( The automatic interface scaling is based on the pixel-resolution of the monitor. Sadly, the values the operating system returns are not always correct. In this case you can overwrite this setting. It is located under setup/user-interface/general. The latest regular release of the LayoutEditor is required for it. In the newest development version you will have an additional setting to set the font size independent of the icon-size. That release can be downloaded here: [Delelopment version download]( Please let me know, if it solves you problem.

Tuesday 23rd April 2024
Thank you very much Jürgen. I just saw your reply today. I increased the interface size from 'screen resolution' to 10, and it worked perfectly on my screen now. (I have a recent free version.) Thanks so much for the help! Bing