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Hierarchy feedback

Wednesday 20th March 2024
Great to have this function but there are some minor bugs to iron out that survived through the latest update. Renaming cells in the cell hierarchy window does not always update the displayed cell name and vice versa. After renaming a cell in the hierarchy window using paste (e.g. to add an extension to the name), can get a double copy of the text showing in the window. If delete a cell so it is not anywhere else in the hierarchy, it will reappear in the hierarchy in its own right which is correct but instance it then it does not always update the hierarchy. If save the file and reopen these all go away but persist otherwise. If delete an object (e.g. a polygon or instance) in the displayed cell when the cell hierarchy is expanded, it collapses to the cell you are in which is annoying when using it to navigate.
Thursday 4th April 2024
Thanks for the feedback. The update problems after renaming a cell will be fixed with the next update. It is intended that all top level cells are displayed in the hierarchy window. So in case you delete the last remaining reference to a cell, this cell is no longer listed under the current display cell, but will get visible on the top level as an top level cell marked with an asterisk next to it. As soon as a cell is removed from the library it will no longer appear in the list. Restoring the expand status is a issue we have already on our list. The used user interface library is not good with this task. We are working on a workaround to get it limited functional here. Sorry for that!