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Multiple edge selections

Wednesday 20th March 2024
I would love it if I could select multiple edges to move them with a single operation rather than 1 at a time. Also, if using the dialog, I have to type the same number in every time also rather than it being preserved (like in moving objects).
Thursday 4th April 2024
That is possible with the point_select feature (under select/fine_select/point_select). With that feature you can with a press and move of the left mouse button define a rectangle. All vertexes within this rectangle will be selected. The move feature (draw/move) will move all these vertexes afterwards. If you here choose 'move_by' the dialog keeps the previous entered value and the values are even redisplayed by the copy_by feature. If you are using a different window, please let me know which one. I will check what is possible to preserve that one as well