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Non-orthogonal arrays

Wednesday 20th March 2024
Non-orthogonal arrays are useful but can cause problems when importing into other gds tools (or even just having non-zero x and y numbers present that are not used in the array - i.e. in the 1 axis in a n x 1 array). Could the ability to convert skewed arrays into orthogonal arrays either when saving or by converting using an icon in the array properties be added to LayoutEditor please? (apologies if it is there and I cannot find it). The workarounds I currently have are (1) only to use orthoganal arrays when doing layout or (2) to import the gds into K-Layout and save the file with the option ticked to convert any skewed arrays into single instances.
Thursday 4th April 2024
Please have a look under Utilities/global_tools. There is a feature to remove any non orthogonal placed cell reference and one feature to remove rotated cell arrays. If I understood you correctly you are looking for the second one. In case you need something else, please give me a more detailed example what exactly you need.