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Layers switching when opening file

Thursday 29th June 2023
When I open a file in layout editor all the layers seem to be switching to different layers. When someone else opens using their layout editor the layers are correct. When I open using a different layout tool, all layers are correct. Can anyone assist?
Monday 3rd July 2023
Please check you setup. There are options to map layers on import/export. For example it is possible to move the GDS layer x with datatype y in LayoutEditor layer z.

Saturday 5th August 2023
I have the same issue where everything opens in layer 0 (zero) regardless of what layer it was created in or saved in. Opened files are correct in other editors such as K Layout. Setting changes in Setup/Fileformat/GDSII don't seem to have any effect when changing the mapping in the layer manager opened from the setup window. Is there somewhere else it should be changed?
Tuesday 5th September 2023
Peter, are you using GDS? There is a similar setting for the OASIS file-format. And of course the GDS settings do not effect OASIS import. For both file format the option *map layer on open/save* should be turned off.