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Layer numbers with DXF format

Friday 14th April 2023
While using the DXF format for saving (and loading) layout designs, the layers numbers do not seem to remain fixed - merely randomly re-generated. Is this observation generally correct: DXF does not retain layer numbers? Is there any method to control this in LayoutEditor? How does LayoutEditor define the layer numbers, while opening a DXF file? Cannot be really random? In this forum, there was a discussion Dec2018-Apr2019, regarding the automapping:On/Off option for GDS and OASIS formats. Is it so that similar control over layer-numbers behaviour is not available for DXF?
Friday 14th April 2023
You are right. DXF can not store layer number. It uses layer names. When opening a DXF it is firstly check whether a layer with the used DXF name exists. If so, this layer number is used. Then is it check if the layer name contains a number, then this layer number is used. e.g. 'L12' will store the named layer as LayoutEditor layer number 12. Finally, the first unused layer is used. When saving a DXF it is ether used the layer name of the LayoutEditor or the layer number. This can be set in the setup.