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Cell Hierarchy Window

Wednesday 15th March 2023
Great to have this function but there are some minor bugs to iron out. Renaming cells in the cell hierarchy window does not always update the displayed cell name and vice versa. After rename a cell in the hierarchy window using paste (e.g. to add an extension to the name) can get a double copy of the text showing in the window. If save the file and reopen it is not really there. If delete a polygon in the displayed cell when the cell hierarchy is expanded, it collapses to the top cell only.
Thursday 16th March 2023
I am not sure if I got this issue. My first question is on what operating system you are? Windows or MacOS or Linux? It could be possible that the issue does not appear on all of them. As I understood you the issue happened in case you use a text past with control-V rather than enter the text into the keyboard when changing the cell name in the hierarchy window. Is that correct? On my first test I did not notice any problem in that case.