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removeOverlap() does not exist

Friday 3rd March 2023
I'm sorry to bother you again with another problem. The function removeOverlap() or removeOverlap(n) as described here, does not appear to exist. My python script spits out the error AttributeError: 'drawingField' object has no attribute 'removeOverlap' Many other functions work great, so it's not a problem with my basic setup. Here is the (external) script which generates the error: #!/usr/bin/python3 import LayoutScript from LayoutScript import * L = project.newLayout() "box.gds" ) L.drawing.removeOverlap(0)
Friday 3rd March 2023
That issue is meanwhile fixed. In some older releases some methods of the class drawingField were missing in the Python interface and just work via the build-in C++ macros. It is fixed in the just released package 20230301.