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How to align(or adjust) polygon of character made by text tool on a specific grid size?


Thursday 19th January 2023
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I have attached a polygon character in the attached file. This character is made by text tool first and changed to polygon. The minimum grid is 1nm now. The problem is that 1nm is too small for the minimum grid. How can we get characters based on bigger grid size by text tool? Thank you in advance.
Thursday 19th January 2023
A text is defined by a font file. When setting the size/width/height to a text element the font size is scaled in a way that capital letters will have the entered height. Intermediate vertexes may be located anywhere on the database grid. Usually by the default settings this is 1nm. If you need the vertexes on a bigger grid you can call the feature *Round Elements* located in under *Utilities/Adjust_Utilities*. The feature will ask for a grid value and any vertex of selected shapes (polygons, boxes, paths) will snap to the nearest grid point.

Monday 23rd January 2023
Thank you so much. I understand it and have found it work well for this case.