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Building structures with multiple cells


Sunday 2nd October 2022
I am building a structure using 2 independent cells . The layer sequences and numbering are common. Each cell is developed in its own design initially. I would like to then copy one of the cells and paste it into the second design as a second cell. Then I can merge the two cells in a single design. For this I need to use the clipboard to first copy the first design and then the paste command to transfer it to a new cell in the second design.. I am using the free version and the clipboard function is unavailable. So I am considering the reduced version. Will I have clipboard in the REDUCED version?
Sunday 2nd October 2022
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The free version without a license has the identical features than the full version. It is just limited in the size it can store designs and some file format are not available for storing. So creating circle in the free version is possible. Please check you have choose the full user-interface (setup/display/mode) Then there is a circular feature: ![Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-02 um 16.52.04.png](/api/img.php?thread=20221002-f35b&file=Bildschirmfoto_2022-10-02_um_16.png)