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Does saving a file make it larger?


Friday 2nd September 2022
I have been working on designs in layout editor (free version) and saving frequently since once you exceed the file size there is no way of making them smaller again by deleting shapes (at least according to the error messages). Therefore I save often so that if my file is too large I can just revert to an earlier version. However, I returned to work on a file after a second day and suddenly the same file that was the proper size yesterday is now "too large" to save. Did the size limit change since yesterday or does saving a file somehow make it larger? If I need to do all the work on my design in one session that is incovenient but possible, I would just like to know so in the future so I don't keep wasting my time. Edit: This happens even with files that I downloaded and didn't change at all otherwise (i.e. If i click on a file I downloaded yesterday and try to save it it comes up with a warning, but if I redownload the same file from chrome and save it, it doesn't come up with a warning.)
Friday 2nd September 2022
Saving does not make the file larger. However, it will recount the size and it may detect that the file size limitation of the free version is reached. On normal use it may take a few editing steps before it will be detected. Once you reach the limit of the free version you always still can upload the file to our cloud server and convert it back to GDS there. The limit for a free conversion is a bit bigger there. Once even this limit is reached, it will be charged a few bugs for the conversion back to GDS/OASIS.