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What is the default color of layer0?


Thursday 4th August 2022
Hello. Can I know how to change the cell color to the default color of layer0? I changed it manually so do not know what it is. Thank you.
Thursday 4th August 2022
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Layers do not have a real default color. With the first start of the LayoutEditor the layer colors are set to a more or less random value taking into account to be good visible with all other settings of your system. Color are saved/restored with any LayoutEditor start and shutdown. Within the LayerManager there is a button *Reset Layers* bringing any layer color, fill style and layer name to this state. You need to press the *+* button first to see this button: ![Screenshot_20220804_152830.png](/api/img.php?thread=20220804-f0ac&file=Screenshot20220804152830.png)