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What is the minimum size to draw?

Saturday 23rd July 2022
Hi! Now i am drawing to a patter having 0.0125µm, but it is changed to 0.013µm automatically after drawing. Is it possible to draw 0.000X scall? Thank you.
Saturday 23rd July 2022
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Yes, sure that is possible. The minimum possible size is one databaseunit. The databaseunits are stored with a GDS and be be set between 1e-99m and 1e99m. By default for new GDS it is set to 1µm. In your case I would recommend a setting of 5E-10m. ![Screenshot_20220723_090243.png](/api/img.php?thread=20220723-1302&file=Screenshot20220723090243.png) But always remember when changing the databaseunits, it will change the maximal design size as well. GDS is 32 bit and with a databaseunits of 1nm the maximal design space is about +-2m, with 0.5nm +-1m and so on.