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Convert LEF/DEF files to DSN File format


Friday 8th July 2022
Hi, I wanted to check if LayoutEditor is able to perform the conversion of LEF/DEF files to the SPECCTRA dsn file format. Thank you
Saturday 9th July 2022
Interesting question. LEF/DEF file format is intended for IC-designs and Spectra DSN format for PCB. Both format are supported by the LayoutEditor. So I did a quick test right now and it seems to work. After loading the LEF/DEF you need to go to the netlist-tool subwindow and choose the loaded netlist to be displayed as the DNS export will always export the displayed netlist. ( and of course there is no netlist from the schematic which is displayed by default). I expected some underrun/overflow of some parameter stored in the DNS, but i did not found one after a first review. So it seems to work. If you want to give it a tried and any issue popped up please send me an example. I am happy to review such an issue.