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LayoutEditor - image of default keyboard shortcuts ?


Saturday 14th May 2022
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I think I once came across an image of a 104-key keyboard with all the LayoutEditor functions overlaid on it. Sort of like the attached image: However, the version I am looking for showed the entire keyboard, not just the right side. Does this full-keyboard view image still exist anywhere? Or a similar image? Thanks!
Saturday 14th May 2022
No, such an image does not exist. And it would even look different with any existing keyboard layout. A shortcut is linked for example to the key *z* but that key is located at a different place with all the different national keyboard layouts. To archive a better visualisation of shortcuts I recommend the use of an extra keyboard displaying the icons: []( ![extra-keyboard.jpg](/api/img.php?thread=20220514-d583&file=extra-keyboard.jpg)