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Open multiple instances of layouteditor fro file


Wednesday 13th April 2022
When I have one layout open, and want to open another one from file to compare, I need to create a new window and open the second layout from the new window because opening directly from file will overwrite the first layout I had open. How can I configure my setup to be able to directly open a new instance of layouteditor from file without overwriting the first instance? (I'm on MacOS)
Wednesday 13th April 2022
On Mac OS as well when using the LibraryManager (Mainmenu/Utilities/Misc/LibraryManager) the System will open a new second window as soon the current displayed design was modified. Unmodified designs are replace by the new opened design. In this way you can fast click trough a list of designs without having a lot of windows opened. So in your case, you just need to do a tiny modification with a undo to get a new window opened.