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Problem using layers::technologyLayerSetParameter(int layer,int parnum,int value)


Friday 10th December 2021
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So first off, there are duplicate descriptions for ‘paramnum’ in the manual ( ``` 3 via layer: distance via edge - conductor at top layer 4 via layer: distance via edge - conductor at top layer ``` I’ve been assuming that 3 is for bottom layer. My bigger issue is that when I try to set these values in a script: ``` layers::technologyLayerAdd(5,1); layers::technologyLayerSetParameter(5,0,1); layers::technologyLayerSetParameter(5,1,min_width_co); // int min_width_co = 220; layers::technologyLayerSetParameter(5,2,spacing_co_to_co); // int spacing_co_to_co = 250; layers::technologyLayerSetParameter(5,3,extension_p1_past_co); // int extension_p1_past_co = 100; layers::technologyLayerSetParameter(5,4,extension_m1_past_co); // int extension_m1_past_co = 5; layers::technologyLayerSetParameter(5,5,0); ``` in layer manager it looks like the via width is being used where one of the extensions should be, and vice versa, as in the picture.
Friday 10th December 2021
Sorry Ted, the manual was incorrect. I have just fix it. The correct assignment is: ``` 1 is via width 2 distance via edge - conductor at top layer 3 distance via edge - conductor at bottom layer 4 spacing between two vias 5 via shape ```

Saturday 11th December 2021