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Increasing layers::layerMax()


Sunday 5th December 2021
I was trying to automatically set up all the layers from a pdk. If I automatically generate the lines ``` layers::num[<GDS num>].enable(); layers::num[<GDS num>].name=<layer name>; ``` for every layer in a real layermap file LayoutEditor will crash because some GDS layer numbers exceed 1024. I don't know what the theoretical max is, but looking through some layermap files for different foundries I can find layer numbers at least as high as 6505. Is there a way to programatically increase layerMax? For the time being, none of the layers above 1023 seem important, so I'll just manually delete them and carry on.
Monday 6th December 2021
The LayoutEditor handles layer 0 to 1023. In case a GDS uses bigger layers numbers, these layers are mapped. Meaning for example that GDS layer 1024 will be put on LayoutEditor layer 1023 datatype 1 on read and revert back to GDS 1024 on write. So inside the LayoutEditor you just have layer 0 to 1023.

Friday 10th December 2021
Are all of the layer numbers above 1023 put on layer 1023 with a unique data type? Would they all be sharing the same color and stipple? Like I said, I don't think I'll need any of the layers above 1023, but they do exist in the foundry layer map.