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Autorouting for MEMS

Saturday 11th September 2021
In the context of MEMS/Microfluidics, I'm looking to see if there are options to automatically connect polygons located in the middle to other polygons located at the edge/other layers (Similar to a netlist style).
Saturday 11th September 2021
First of all the LayoutEditor does not contain a own autorouter, but export/import its data to external routers. So the first question to answer would be if there is an external router like the open-source routers freerouting and openroad (both shipped with the LayoutEditor package) are able to do this job. The second question would be what steps would be required to supplier the required data the designated router will need from your MEMS/Microfluidics. I would expect that these steps could mostly be done with the LayoutEditor but will require a bit of efforts. So the final question to answer would be whether the required efforts are less than a manual routing. If you want to go this way, we would assist licensed customers with the second issue.