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Rotating a box using python scripting


Monday 30th November 2020
Hi, I am creating box elements using python, and am trying to rotate each box individually as a function of their position. I have tried element.rotate(angle), which did not have any effect. I tried to convert the structure to polygon, but failed to do so. Do you have any hints to do this. Thank you in advance. Sema
Saturday 5th December 2020
Please select the box that should be rotated and call *rotateSelect*, part of the cell class. This method will convert the box to a polygon when required. A c++ would look like this: ```cpp cell *c=layout->drawing->currentCell; c->selectAll(); // or just select the required box c->rotateSelect(35.6,point(234,678)); // ratation in deg and origin of rotation c->deselectAll(); ```