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Remove license key from all systems


Tuesday 25th August 2020
Hi, I installed my license key on the new system and am trying to transfer from the other system. I tried to remove the license from the other system, but I am having the message "license key was installed on another system and can no longer be used on this system" in the window. Is there any way to remotely remove or reset all existing license ? Thank you, B
Tuesday 25th August 2020
Hi, in case a LayoutEditor license was accidentally installed on two or more system, the license key will be locked on all system except one. The remaining system is mostly the system the license key was installed latest. So in case a hardware crash the license key can be installed and used on a new system without any issue. A remote remove of a license key is not possible. To clear a accidentally license lock, remove the license key on all system you still have access to and make sure that these systems have internet when uninstalling the license key. Afterwards wait at least 24 hours, before installing the license key again. The non-accessible systems will be locked and the system with this new installed license key will work again. This recovery will require the mentioned 24 hour beak in using any installation with this license key.