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Old version installed locally - no background image option


Friday 21st February 2020
Hi, The version of LayoutEditor that is installed locally on the PC associated with out aligner is an older one. When I try to access background images through the Utilities, I see no Misc. option in the drop down. Is background images functionality available in older versions of the software somewhere that isn't this drop down path?
Friday 21st February 2020
Background images were introduced in 2011. So any release published later contain it. However background images are not part of the reduced version of the LayoutEditor. So you ether need the free or the full version. Also the menu was restructured several years ago. You may find it at a different submenu of the utilities menu in very old releases. Anyway you can open it with a right mouse click into in empty area of the toolbar/menu. A list of all dialogs will appear and you can choose the dialogs/toolbar you wish to see in the user interface.