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How to draw an ellipse using the Circle / Ellipse (Ctrl + E) Command

Tuesday 10th December 2019
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I seem to be unable to draw an ellipse using the Circle / Ellipse command. The wiki makes it seem (to me) like you just have to select two corners of a bounding box to define the circle or ellipse. When I select two corners of a non-square rectangle with this command, it does not make an ellipse but rather just makes a small circle within the bounds of the rectangle at a somewhat arbitrary location, like this:
Tuesday 10th December 2019
Once you are in the Circle/Ellipse mode you need to enter two points by mouse. Each with a single mouse click. The circle size is a result of the movement between the two clicks. In your case i guess you have done a double mouse click with nearly no movement between the two clicks and as a result you only get a small circle. To get a ellipse you need to press the shift key and control key during the second mouse click. In both cases you will get a preview of the resulting circle/ellipse after the first mouse click in the mode.