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Edit-in-place coordinates

Tuesday 18th June 2019
When I descend into a layout cell (Cells>Edit_In_Place>Select_Cell(Graphical) I find that the displayed Mouse Position coordinates refer to the descended-into cell origin and not the context origin (i.e. the "place" in "in place"). I am trying to place pads at a competitor device's coordinates and can't do it from the coords list, from the top level. It would be nice for EIP to display the "from-top-window" coords, or at least have the "frame-of-reference option". If I wanted local context I'd be editing the cell directly.
Wednesday 19th June 2019
The position indicator in the lower left of the main layout window always displays the coordinates of the cell that is currently edited. This is the only display that make sense as this will be the final coordinates the data will be stored. Technical it would be no problem to display the coordinates within the top cell in case Edit-In-Place is used as well. But then you can have to up 4 coordinate pairs (with relative coordinates) and finding the correct one will get more difficult. Also you always need to keep in mind, that the cell your are editing can be placed more than one time in the design and you change all other cells as well. To place a cell reference you should use a move or align command in the next higher cell instead of editing the referred cell.