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Shortkeys - how to change assignments?

Saturday 25th May 2019
So I've got about 20 years of Cadence bindkey "muscle memory" that wants me to press such-and-such a key, by reflex, to do stuff. This is not what is assigned, "out of the box" in this tool. I would rather use what I've learned than unlearn it all at length. How can I modify shortkey assignments and make this permanent? Nothing I can find in the manual, by going menu-pulldown-by-menu-pulldown, nor any search hits for :shortkey" in the Support forum posts ("key" turns up almost all posts, too much).
Tuesday 28th May 2019
I do something like this. However, it is not a permanent remapping, as you request. You must load this configuration every time you start the LayoutEditor environment using the AutoStart macro. Check the manual and the examples macros for this. Jim from PhotomaskPORTAL