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Technology-specific DRC


Friday 8th February 2019
How can I check design rules of an specific technology process (e.g. TSMC 180n)? Do I have to generate by hand a macro within the LayoutEditor using its own syntaxis? This is not a simple task, since an actual technology as the one mentioned has dozens of process layers and hundreds of rules! The resulting macro would contain thousands of lines! Is there any software which can translate DRC-definition files into "LayoutEditor macros"?
Friday 8th February 2019
If there were a standardized format to store design rules, it would be implemented in the LayoutEditor. However foundries usually supplier rule sets only for very few tools. These rule set are all proprietary, encrypted and can therefore cannot be used for import into the LayoutEditor. If you foundry supplier any open machine-readable format, please let us know. We will implement it into the LayoutEditor!