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Layout editor shutting down when opening a .dxf file

Wednesday 9th January 2019
I created a .dxf file in AutoCAD, when opening this file, Layout editor is running for few seconds and shutting down without opening the file. The file size is 161 KB. I used Layout Editor for files from 100 KB to 250 KB before. I could open, edit and save them in .gds format. But with the new designs, Layout Editor is not opening them at all. The design is an array of hexagonal patterns created with circles. I could open single hexagonal but when there are array of them, it is Layout is not opening.
Wednesday 9th January 2019
Can you send me that DXF to I will debug the problem and fix it. DXF files allow a lot of different entries and not all are documented by AutoCAD very well. I guess your file contains a single entries that is not process correctly and causes the crash. This is not a question of DXF file size. A DXF only containing the one problematic entry will fail as well and DXF files containing millions of other entries will work fine.