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Layer number

Tuesday 25th December 2018
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I saved my GDS file with the layer numbers matching with the GDS/OASIS mapping number as shown in attached photo. However, when I open the same file again, the layer number and the GDS/OASIS mapping number do not match. How do I fix this?
Tuesday 25th December 2018
I guess guess you have enabled the option 'auto map layer/datatype'. With this option any gds layer/datatype combination will map on a different LayoutEditor layer number on a file operation. It is ensured that after a save operation the shape is on the same GDS layer/datatype combination. But the LayoutEditor layer numbers can be different with any file load. If you need a fix mapping with the same LayoutEditor layer number, you need to turn of the automatic mapping after the first file load. You will get a fixed mapping you can edit in the Layer Manager.