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file size limitation in the free version


Monday 3rd December 2018
Due to a compatibility issue, and my institution choosing to use Layout Editor, I reluctantly switched from LibreCAD to this program. Nowhere is it specified exactly how large your file size needs to be before it simply refuses to save your work in anything but the proprietary format, causing me quite a surprise headache. It appears to prevent me opening it on any machine but this one, rendering its transfer to a lithography room impossible.
Monday 3rd December 2018
The core intention of the LayoutEditor cloud file format is to avoid a file transfer to a third party computer to make to usage of our cloud service to save as possible. So this encrypted file format can only be opened on the system it was created on as well as our cloud server. To transfer the design to a second system, please convert it to a different file format. Holders of a full license key of can do it on their own system, all other had to use for this conversion our cloud base format conversion service. As you have already noticed this service was free and without any costs for your design. The size limitation in the exports to some file format is listed in several places. To repeat it once more here: the export to GDS, OASIS and some other file formats is limited in the free version. It will be effective for designs with more than 500 shapes. The shapes are counted. So for example an array (100 time 100) with a single box will be counted as just two shapes, the box and the array. So even with this limitation quite impressive designs can be exported. The design dimension (size in millimeter in x and y) is not important for the size limitation. There are six file formats including the LayoutEditor Cloud format that can be stored without a size limitation in the free version. Any commercial version does not have any file size limitation. Your institute owns a site license of the LayoutEditor (full version). You just need to install the license key on your system.