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I have been looking at the "Library Manager" and it appears ...

Saturday 13th October 2018
I have been looking at the "Library Manager" and it appears that the tools do not really support multiple reference libraries? The library manager seems more like a "GDS Explorer" that works on one file. The only mention of libraries I can see, is in the Netlisting section. I find nothing really on the topic of "design management" or attaching reference libraries, or setting library paths and so on. It would seem that the openCellLibrary (?) technology must be meant as a reference library. Perhaps there is some useful material about how that would be rigged for use? Of course the GDS-II format is meant to be self contained. Is it perhaps necessary to import to the GDS file, any cells used? And if so, what are the utilities for importing / copying in, lower level cells? How would I go about creating, using (say) a primitive transistors library and (say) a low level cells library (op amp, switch, comparator, reference, logic) to build up a more complex analog chip?
Sunday 14th October 2018
The LibraryManager will enable to view a design with a single click. So it enables to review a library, but never any editing will be made. To join two GDS files like importing the library core cells use the feature file/attach and file/update. OpenAccess will be processed different. Here all required cell references will be loaded even if these are in a different OA library. However opening a GDS will not resolve any refered cell in a different GDS. Use the file/update feature afterwards to resolve it.