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New Release of the LayoutEditor

Monday 21th May 2018
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![layout.png](/api/img.php?thread=20180520-83aa&file=layout.png) ### New Release of the LayoutEditor An update of the LayoutEditor has been released. It can be downloaded [here]( and [here]( There are new feature in all areas. For details please have a look into the [changeLog]( Perhaps the biggest innovation is this forum. It is available for all support questions and is also used to announce new releases of the LayoutEditor. These announcements can be subscribed in your profile settings (goto 'My Profile' on the left). The notifications are made by your browser without calling this forum. You will need a modern browser for this notification. The notification will also be displayed with the browser on your mobile device. LayoutEditor Team

Wednesday 4th November 2020
LayoutEditor is my favorite [software]( because it offers all the essential tools to view and edit Gerber files before starting the conversion. Plus, it supports a lot of file formats in which you can convert a GBR file. thanks