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Welcome to the new Support Forum

Thursday 17th May 2018
(only for registered users)
This is the new support forum of the LayoutEditor. It can be used for all topics around the LayoutEditor and is available to all LayoutEditor users. So you need to have the LayoutEditor installed to get an account here. People without having installed the LayoutEditor on their system cannot post here. All posts are formated with Markdown syntax. So with a for example \*\***bold**\*\* text and \**italic*\* text can be created and program code will be highlighted with \`\`\`cpp ```cpp int i=5; for(i=0;i<45;++i){ layers::num[i].name="layer "+i; ``` \`\`\` Images, PDFs and of course designs can be attached to any post from your local drive or from your cloud space. Supported formats are GDSII, OASIS, CIF, PNG, JPEG, GIF, PDF and more. Have fun and be always prepared to be impressed when using the LayoutEditor