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Node-locked file

Thursday 17th May 2018
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Hi, I created a design using the Free edition (see attached) and would like to continue working on it with a Basic License. However, the node-locking still doesn't allow me to export it. Would it be possible to have access to an unlocked version of this file? Thanks, Sebastien
Friday 18th May 2018
The intention of the LEC file format is to protect the design and avoid any data transfer to a 3rd party. So any format conversion from an LEC is limited to your system. A full version of the LayoutEditor is required on your system to do such a conversion. A corresponding warning is displayed with any file operation with an LEC file.

Tuesday 10th July 2018
Does this mean that even simple designs can not produced and sent to a manufacturer using the free edition? I have been using the free version for my PhD work, they are very simple and LE has been great thus far. I am having issues saving files with the new version please help!
Wednesday 12th December 2018
The free edition of the LayoutEditor can be used to create small GDS designs up to 500 shapes. If your design is bigger you can use our cloud base format conversion service to convert a LEC to a GDS for a small fee. Or alternative you can use our photomask service to produce the required masks.